Monday, May 23, 2011

DESIGN TOOL - Apophysis

I have been asked may times what software I use for various designs. It really just depends on the design, really. One that I have been using quite a lot lately is called Apophysis.

Apophysis is a freeware flame fractal generator for windows. It has many features and is fairly simple to use, once you get the hang of it. You can easily create some great designs by simply clicking around and exploring the various tools, menus, and options. The possibilities and power of this program seem almost endless.

You can download the latest version(s) of Apophysis from HERE. A 3D version and a screen saver is also available, though I have not had much time to check either one out yet.

Although you can jump in and make some awesome creations, I highly recommend checking out a few tutorials to get a feel for the true potential of Apophysis. Here is a list of some great resources for tutorials (note that some of these may be slightly outdated as this program is still in development):

Of course you can always check out YouTube and Google or any other search engine for more tutorials about this program. It is one of my favorite and I hope others come to love it as well. We can all use more free stuff that is actually useful right?


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