Saturday, May 28, 2011

DESIGN TOOL - Tierazon

In case you haven't noticed, I really like working with fractals. I have a whole list of fractal generating programs (mostly free ones) that I use but only a few that I use most often. I have already mentioned Apophysis, but another one that I use quite often is Tierazon.

While Apophysis makes flame fractals very well, it takes LOTS of resources and time to render them into a usable format and resolution. Tierazon makes a simpler form of fractal so it takes MUCH less time to work - minutes compared to hours. It still has many, many options and lots of great flexible features.

A great tutorial on how to get started with this program can be found here: That same site also has a great gallery of fantastic artwork, much of which was created with this program.

The free version liked to in the title of this post is not the newest one available. The most recent updated version has more funcionallity, but it it NOT free. I highly suggest, if you are interested in making fractal art and designs, try out the older free version and if you like it, then upgrade.

Here is one of my most recent designs I created with Tierazon available on Zazzle as a art print. (Note, the price shown is for the largest size. Smaller sizes available are much less expensive.)


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