Tuesday, July 5, 2011

100 Designs in 100 Days - Day 1

So it begins. In case you missed the previous post, I have challenged myself to create 100 new business card designs (not counting simple color variations) in 100 days. It may not sound like much, but that is on top of all the other work that I do daily. On Zazzle alone, I usually add a few designs to Archetypus Digital, usually a new design to my photography store and try to put out a new set of monogrammed items in my main store every few days. Beyond that, I have my own (under marketed) jewelry business, I do my own marketing, and I am a part time DJ/KJ (karaoke host).

To answer your next question, no I do not ever sleep.

Well here is the first of a long line of business card designs that are coming in the weeks ahead. I'm sure you'll likely notice that I'm not a very traditional business card style person. I like artistic and modern and abstract more than the usual types of designs you'll find out there.

Remember that these are all available for customization using Zazzle's easy personalization tools. Also, if anyone has an idea or request they would like to see me post, please feel free to send me a message.

Tell everyone you know on Facebook and Twitter about this too. The more people I have watching, the more motivated I am.


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