Monday, July 4, 2011

A Happy Accident - Seclorum

Ever have one of those days when NOTHING seems to go right? Well, a couple days ago, I did. Among other things there were stressing me out, I could not not get any of my designs to come out looking good at all.

When I reopened one of the designs I was working on that day, I somehow clicked something that changed it into this design called "Seclorum". Why "Seclorum"? Well I don't know, it just sounded cool, OK. (I don't have to have a reason for EVERYTHING I do, do I?). I really have no idea what I changed cause I don't know what the old settings were and have no idea what I clicked that changed, but the design that came up was pretty cool and I decided to just take it and run.

Personally I thin this one works really well on the iPad cases from Zazzle. No I just have to make enough sales to get an iPad AND this case. (hint hint)


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