Monday, July 11, 2011

Lucky Randomness!

Usually, when you create a random batch in Apophysis, you have a good chance of having something that is decently usable, with some modification. Rarely do you ever get more than one (in my usual batch size of 20) And rarely do you get something that is great as is.

There are a few things you can do to increase your chances of something usable. First you can limit the number of triangle in the random batch. I usually start with 2 or 3. Its easier to get a good start if there are fewer variables to contend with. That's also why I usually only pick from 2-4 different variations for a random batch. I can always add more triangles and adjust variations, but a simpler starting point makes it easier to get a good idea of where to go with it.

Well the other day, I had THREE that were great and one that was just perfect as it was. I tried to add to it, but everything I did to it, just made it look more busy or less interesting or just plain weird.

Although I did do a bit of Photoshopping to add contrast and deepen the colors and adjust the view to align with the frame, the first one is exactly how it was when it was generated, even the color gradient. The others I did adjust a bit, but not too much.


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