Friday, July 1, 2011

Sometime, it just needs post editing - Laguna

Although most often I do very little post editing on my designs other than contrast, brightness, and adding a background, sometimes, I come across one that really just wants more done to it.

Originally this design was rather boring and I was honestly not happy with the fact that I had used a couple hours of rendering that I could have made something better. I decided that I was not going to just waste it, though.

I repeated the design, shrinking each one proportionally smaller than the layer above it and also lightened each one as they shrink. On a light blue and white gradient background and they worked really well. I'm pretty glad I didn't just toss this one aside.

EDITED TO ADD: I just realized that this design had been selected as a Today's Best Award on Zazzle. Quite a shock since I had just had one a few days ago as well. Now I'm REALLY glad I didn't scrap this one.


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