Monday, June 6, 2011

CHAINMAILLE - 2 in 2 Stainless Steel Chain.

Added another item to my Etsy shop. After breaking my wrist, I'm finally feeling more like make more chainmaille again.

This necklace is a heavier 2 in 2 chain made from 16g 3/8" stainless steel. It looks heavy, but doesn't feel that heavy on your neck. Currently it has a strong hook clasp but can be changed for a toggle (bar in loop) clasp. If you prefer a lobster claw clasp, the processing time will be longer, because I don't currently have a larger size that will work for this chain and would have to order it.

The size can be adjusted upon request from its current 22" to whatever length you would like free of charge as long as it is not too much longer (shorter is always free). Just let me know in the special request section of the order form.


2 in 2 Stainless Chain by Archetypus Designs


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