Friday, June 24, 2011

Monogrammed Mugs

Recently I was at a wedding and the whole bridal party had their own beer steins. I though to myself, "that would make a great gift if they were all monogrammed!" A few days later I still hadn't put up any monogrammed mugs, but I was rearranging my Zazzle store (*) and though that this glossy black text I had made on some other designs would work out great on the steins with the silver trim. Below is the letter A version, but the other letters are all available too, of course. You can also find this same design on several other gifts in my store on Zazzle as well.

Have an idea you'd like to see made or want a modification to one of my Zazzle items? Just message me using the link on the left hand sidebar in any of my Zazzle stores. Thanks for reading and take care!


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