Sunday, June 5, 2011

DESIGN TOOL - Mandelbulb 3D

I stumbled across yet another cool tool: Mandelbulb 3D. A fantastic and very easy to use program, you can easily make some great images right off with it. You can download it for free from here:

So what exactly does it do?

Well, it generates and renders 3D versions of the classic Mandelbrot fractal set, called a Mandelbulb, as well as a long list of others. It can combine them in various manners, add lighting, fog, shadows, colors, reflections. The latest version also has a great 3D navigation tool that makes it really easy to maneuver around your creation to find the perfect shot to render.

It is super easy to share parameters as well. Just copy them to the clip board like any other text and then use the button at the top to open the parameters from you clipboard text into the file you have open.

You can find plenty of parameters in the forums I linked to above (, or on deviantART. Just search for Mandelbulb3D and you're sure to find some. Please respect the people that have shared these parameters. DON'T JUST STEAL THEM AS YOUR OWN.

After a bit of reading and some playing around with parameters, this was what I came up with:

Aztec Gold by ~Archetypus on deviantART


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