Sunday, June 12, 2011


I know many people who have an online presence are looking for great ways to promote their self, products, ideas, referrals, website...everything. One recent tool I have been using and plan on using for a long while is Squidoo.

Squidoo gives you the tools to create a page, called a lens, using easy to understand building block to customize it exactly how you like. You can write about anything, insert links to our blogs, promote sites to gain referrals, or just give some tips about a hobby. If you think of an idea to write, chances are there are more people out there willing to read about it than you ever imagined.

What sets this apart from most marketing strategies is not how well it works or that it is free. This is different because you can actually make money marketing your brand, artwork, ideas, or whatever else you choose to write about.

For example, I have a couple lenses about fractals and making them and one about Archetypus Designs in general. On these, I have included links to my stores on Zazzle, Etsy, my page on IMVU and to this blog. I can also add modules (those are the easy to use building blocks) promoting items on eBay, Amazon, or several other sites. For including Squidoo's affiliate links on your lens, you get a share of their payment when those links generate a sale.

On top of that, you also get a portion of the revenue generated from their ads such as Google AdWords and Chitika. The more popular you lens is, the bigger your share can get.

You can check out my lenses listed below if you'd like to see some of what Squidoo can do. Its a fast and easy way to market your items or whatever and the best part is it pays YOU!

My lenses:


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